SETE Conference 2023

SETE, at its Annual Conference, which took place on 12 December 2023 at Athens Conservatoire, aimed to fuel, specialize, and deepen a productive discussion around the future of sustainable tourism, named “Reframing Tourism”. Its scope was to redefine the role of Tourism within society, economy, entrepreneurship, and the environment, with a common path towards a sustainable and competitive future.

The main topics of the SETE Conference 2023 “Reframing Tourism” were:

  • The strategic plan for the transition of Greek tourism to a path of sustainable development.
  • The challenges for the Greek tourism product regarding competitiveness and geopolitical developments.
  • During the following years, how resilient could the “brand Greece” be, and what will be its distinguishing features.
  • Environment and society: climate change and its consequences.
  • How the destinations management can be combined with their promotion and visibility resulting in an integrated/360 strategy.
  • Tourism production model and its evolution.
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