Brief History

The Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) was founded in 1991, aiming at bringing together the tourism entrepreneurship of Greece as the official body of the tourism sector. 

Since then, SETE has expanded to include all key representatives of the tourism industry and is responsible for advocating and promoting the interests and positions of the Greek tourism sector, in Greece and abroad. In this framework, SETE is consistently initiating and undertaking major initiatives aiming at safeguarding the strategic direction of tourism in Greece, enhancing the Greek tourism product and contributing to the growth of the Greek economy. 

SETE is actively involved in the public dialogue and, through interventions aiming at promoting a business-friendly tourism landscape, is safeguarding the business competitiveness of the sector. 

At the same time, SETE is closely collaborating with the State and the regional authorities, to promote and facilitate investment opportunities and ensure that the Greek tourism will continue to grow sustainably and maintain its position as a global market leader.

Our Scope

Our vision

We envision Greece enjoying economic growth and social development and we seek to maximize the contribution of tourism.

We want tourism to bring together all of Greece’s precious “assets” –human resources, the productive sectors, culture, the environment, know-how, innovation, entrepreneurship– in order to create a higher standard of living for the country.

Our mission

SETE’s mission is to constantly enhance the competitiveness of tourism and to promote its leading role in the Greek economy and society.

Our institutional role

In its capacity as a social partner since 2013, SETE represents the national unions of tourism enterprises, as well as individual businesses operating within the broader tourism industry and covering the entire range of the sector’s activities.

Moreover, SETE is invariably committed to its undertaking, which includes constructive dialogue and consultation with all tourism stakeholders, with a view to maximizing the contribution of tourism to the national economy, employment, social cohesion, and local economies and communities.

SETE has fully activated its two advanced operational branches, Marketing Greece –for the promotion of small enterprises and of all destinations– and INSETE – for data production and analysis, as well as for the development of quality standards and modern educational programmes.

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