International Relations

Tourism is the most outward-looking activity of the Greek economy. Since its establishment, SETE (Greek Tourism Confederation) has focused on international networking by developing a strong presence and activity in the European and global tourism setting. Through the cooperation with distinguished tourism associations in other countries, SETE actively participates in international meetings, boards and committees, thus enhancing the collective expression of Greek tourism. Since 1993, SETE has been a member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). From 1998 to 2011, the Confederation held a vice-Chair on the UNWTO Affiliate Members Board, while in March 2012 it was elected Chair. Moreover, SETE plays an active role in the Employers’ Group of the European Economic and Social Committee, submitting views on EU legislative proposals. In order to strengthen the voice of Greek tourism in European decision-making centres, the Confederation has been consistently implementing relevant actions since 2017. Through numerous meetings and events, SETE brings the views of Greek tourism to the attention of EU institutions, highlighting issues that are on the agenda of its members (e.g. access to financing, overtaxation, bureaucracy, the utilization of financing programme funds, the competitiveness of tourism, employment, growth, investments). For more information, please click here. Moreover, SETE is in constant dialogue with peer tourism associations of other European countries in order to develop solutions to common issues and to highlight the prospects of tourism at European level and the sector’s role in further enhancing the European economy. Finally, SETE maintains constructive communication with diplomatic representatives of various countries that are important for inbound tourism, promoting both the profile of Greek tourism and key cooperation ties.
Participation in Committees

In 2013, SETE was recognized as a national social partner and has since been represented in collective bodies and in national delegations, when the participation of social partners is invited. Specifically, SETE’s active participation involves the submission of proposals pertaining to –among other things– tourism, employment, the backward linkages of tourism with the agri-food sector and with culture, transportation, infrastructures, shipping, the environment, energy, education, entrepreneurship and regional development. Indicatively, SETE participates in the Economic and Social Committee, the Boards of Directors of the Mediation and Arbitration Organization, the Greek Public Employment Service, the Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, and in agencies of the Supreme Labour Council.

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