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EU Tourism Industry Initiative

Taking into consideration, the tourism sectors’ contribution on national and European GDP and employment, as well as realising the need for an umbrella like tourism industry representation, with a global view of the sector, which will be taken into consideration for policies affecting tourism from the competent EU Bodies, the Tourism Confederations of Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and the Tourism association of Spain, decided to consider the feasibility of an EU Tourism Industry Initiative.

Today, the abovementioned parties, signed an MOU and formed a working group, with the aim to identify common issues and objectives concerning the tourism industry sector in national, European and international level, regarding the increase of its’ competitiveness, the positive impact on employment, the prosperity of local communities and the sustainability of tourism.

Antόnio Abrantes, Secretary General, Confederaҫão do Turismo Portugues

Renzo Iorio, President, Federturismo Confindustria

José Luis Zoreda, CEO, EXCELTUR-Allianza para la Excelencia Turίstica

Michael Panayiotou, Vice-Chairman, STEK/ACTE-Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises

Andreas A. Andreadis, President, Greek Tourism Confederation


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