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This is the Athens World!: Athens to the foreground of the World Cities Day

7.000 wristbands, 10 bloggers from 6 different countries, more than 400 photos posted

Athens was brought to the foreground as a world city through SETE’s initiative entitled “This is the Athens World” that was conducted with the cooperation of the City of Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau-ACVB.

On Saturday the 31st of October and in the context of celebrating the “World Cities Day”, an institution powerd by the United Nations, city visitors had the opportunity to meet and be part of the multilevel personality of Athens, along with the variety of choices the city is offering as a modern and vibrant city break destination through a series of events and activities. 

A special wristband that was created for this day was the ticket to the one-of-a-kind experience of the Athens World, offering exlcusive privileges to its holders, who could enjoy unique tastes, walk through the gems of the Greek culture and live the Athens nightlife experience. On the same day, street events were organized such as traditional dances in one of the most upscale streets of Athens and a swing party at the city’s most commercial street, that transmitted not only the city’s heartbeat, but also the message that a weekend is not enough to experience the uniqueness of Athens.

Honored guests on this special day for Athens were world renowned influencers of the global online community, who experienced the countless options of Athens and shared them with their followers all over the world. Coming all the way from Germany, England, Austria, France, Portugal and Spain, influencers spread to million users their enthusiasm for The Athens World, a city that manages to balance harmonically between classic and street art, ancient culture and urban lifestyle, traditional tastes and innovative gastronomy, natural beauty and city life.  

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