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Statement made by the President of SETE Yiannis A. Retsos on the occasion of World Tourism Day.

On the occasion of World Tourism Day the President of SETE Yiannis A. Retsos made the following statement:

“This year the World Tourism Community celebrates the sustainable development of tourism which constitutes a fundamental condition for the prospects of this sector.Outwatd looking, synergies  and sustainable development is the platform in which we should invest in the following years with the aim of strengthening the social and economic  footprint of tourism and the further development of its quality indicators.Greek tourism needs a holistic development plan.A strategy of essential interconnection of the basic pillars of the financial and social web of our country such as the culture and agronutrition.Which will promote our Natural Wealth. Which will incorporate, as an integral part, the enhancement of businesses action, the attraction of investments, the support of innovation and new business ideas as well as the investment in human resource”.


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