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Statement by the new President of SETE, Mr. Yiannis A. Retsos

Today Greek tourism is at a turning point. We now have to assess the current situation and move on to the next decisive steps. Infrontofuswehave 4 strategicgoalstoachieve

1st Long term and stable growth that will drive Greece among the World’s top tourism destinations.

2nd The unity of the entire sector and labour peace; elements that are essential in order to succeed. 

3rd A sustained, harmonious relationship with given governments; a relationship beneficial to the Greek economy and the country.

4th Strengthening both the social dimension and the social footprint of tourism.

In order to achieve all of these ambitious goals, specific political moves are needed. A grid of initiatives and interventions that will solve all the big issues that are once again piling up in front of us.

In addition, we choose the path of outward looking. We believe that, especially nowdays, we must be close to the decision-making centres. In order for our voice to be heard, we are planning the opening of a SETE office in Brussels.

Another priority is to showcase the Greek Tourism Product and to strengthen the country’s image; these priorities can be achieved through Marketing Greece which is evolving further.

Last but not least, we plan to further reinforce the Institute of SETE (INSETE) aiming at even better documentation of its data, arguments, business planning, and upgrading of education.

From the position of the President of SETE, which I have the honour of serving in as of today, I assure you that both the Board of Directors and I will be on the front lines in all our battles, doing our best.

Greek tourism can and must once again become a dream come true. The narrative of a collective effort that can be the driving force behind our finally emerging from the crisis that plagues our country.

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