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SETE’s strategy on tourism: Outward looking ∙ Synergies ∙Sustainable Development

Outward looking, synergies, and sustainable development

These are the three pillars of the updated strategy of the Greek Tourism Confederation for the future, as presented today by Mr. Yiannis A. Retsos, President of the SETE BoD, during a Press Conference. 

Mr. Retsos stated: “Tourism is growing at a solid rate and constitutes the driving force behind the Greek economy. It contributes to reducing unemployment, it creates growth in the regions and supports family incomes. Tourism entails Social Security contributions and fosters consumption. It invests, while at the same time improving infrastructure and services. We are now ready to take the next step. For a new series of major achievements. We press on, even more systematically, with confidence, maturity, outward looking and realism. Our objectives for the immediate future are concrete and clear-cut; rest assured we have already begun working systematically towards these: to raise Greek tourism to even higher levels, armed with unity among our industry and with harmonious industrial relations; to achieve the greatest possible synergies, so that we may demonstrate the strong social dimension of tourism; to give back to Greek society the dividend to which it is entitled”. 

Read the full text of the speech by the Chairman of SETE  here.


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