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Message from the President of SETE, Mr. Yiannis Retsos, regarding the World Tourism Day

On a day that is dedicated to digital advances by the UN World Tourism Organization, we choose not to speak about the industry’s performance in terms of arrivals and receipts. We would like to focus on the future of tourism, on the future of the global economy and consequently on our common future.

The future is today! Let’s seize the opportunity!

Digital advances cannot wait and we, the travel and tourism industry, must follow it.

We should proceed from traditional to new business models. We should reconsider our competitiveness. 

This transition is a must for the survival of both the Greek tourism and economy.

SETE, the Greek Tourism Confederation, to highlight the importance of these changes, between other initiatives, puts at the center of its annual conference the transition of tourism to the new digital age.

This year’s conference, under the title: “Tourism in Transition: #someTHINKdifferent”, will focus on new practices of destination positioning and promotion, new digital tools which create space for business developments and issues leading to the gradual reformation of the international tourist product.

As a modern social partner and an outward looking industry, we will be at the forefront, creatively shaping every new big change.

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