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HBA/SEV/SETE Working Lunch Meeting in Frankfurt upon invitation of the President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Mr. Jens Weidmann


On Monday, January 15, 2018, a working lunch meeting was held at the premises of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt, following the invitation of its President, Dr. Jens Weidmann, with German and Greek Central Bank representatives, the German Ambassador in Greece, Mr. Jens Plötner, and high ranking executives of commercial banks and the business community of the two countries.

The Greek delegation was represented by the Governor of Bank of Greece, Mr. Yiannis Stournaras, as well as by the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) and in particular its Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of Eurobank Ergasias, Mr. Nikolaos Karamouzis, the Chief Executive Officer of Piraeus Bank, Mr. Christos Megalou, the Chief Executive Officer of National Bank of Greece, Mr. Leonidas Fragkiadakis, the Chief Executive Officer of Eurobank Ergasias, Mr. Fokion Karavias and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Bank, Mr. Spyros Filaretos. On behalf of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Mr. Theodoros Fessas, its Vice Chairman, Mr. Evangelos Mytilineos and the member of its Board of Directors, Mr. Michalis Stasinopoulos, participated as well. The Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) was represented by the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Mr. Yannis Retsos and Mr. Eftihios Vassilakis, Vice Chairman of SETE.

During the working lunch meeting the challenges that the German and Greek economy are facing and the conditions under which their domestic banking systems operate, were discussed. The improved economic and financial environment in Greece and the investment opportunities emerging in our country following many years of recession and significant institutional and structural changes were also presented. It was stressed out that the ongoing continuation of reforms and privatizations; the creations of a friendly business environment for investment; and attracting foreign capital are critical preconditions for achieving a sustainable development path and returning Greece towards a climate of economic normalcy, as well as improving the image of Greece on the German and international markets.

The Greek delegation warmly thanked the President of the Deutsche Bundesbank and his colleagues for the invitation and reaffirmed the intention of the three private sector representatives (HBA-SEV-SETE) to continue taking up positive initiatives and interventions for the Greek economy in order to further develop the Greek-German economic relations and strengthen the growth prospects in Greece.

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