COVID-19: Update
18 April 2022
Regulations 2022 | Useful Info

Settings 2022 | Useful Information In continuation of our effort to support all tourism businesses, see below some useful information regarding the regulations that have been passed due to Covid-19 for the smoothest possible operation of businesses and the economy, the protection measures against virus as well as some general information.

The role of SETE is not to interpret the legislation and remains advisory, nevertheless we gather from all available sources the relevant information, process it and submit our opinions to the questions we receive from businesses and the public.

We will regularly update* the content with anything new to make it easier for entrepreneurs, workers and individuals.

*last update 18.04.2022, at 11.00

To view the Covid-19 regulations for 2022, click here.

To view the Covid-19 regulations for 2021, click here.

To view the Covid-19 regulations for 2020, click here.

Greece welcomes the world

Greece is open once again. Starting on the 15th of June, we will welcome the world steadily and methodically, with rules and protocols.

We are proud of our collective national response to the pandemic. Early action, testing, tracing and transparency only tell part of the story. For it is that all Greeks came together as one that made all the difference. Our people showed a profound sense of solidarity as they cared equally for their loved ones as they did for their neighbours.

We are now opening up our country with a renewed sense of hospitality and welcome. With a sense of urgency and anticipation not born out of fear of the unknown or the great challenges that lie ahead, but more so to reclaim a crucial part of our humanity: to come together as friends and share experiences that will rejuvenate our souls. In a land that has always welcomed all. For a people that have never known a stranger.

We make sure that this summer, our health and safety is our top priority. And with a constant and exhausting monitoring and evaluation process that will increasingly allow us to extend a hospitable welcome to visitors.

This summer we will share more, together. Our culture, history, democracy and nature. The exuberance of our spirit and the openness of our hearts. Welcome to Greece.

source: Ministry of Tourism

Learn more at…/stateme…/greece-welcomes-the-world.html

See here the Health Protocols of Tourist Businesses.

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Greek Summer is a state of mind

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