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18 April 2022
Regulations 2022 | Useful Info

Settings 2022 | Useful Information In continuation of our effort to support all tourism businesses, see below some useful information regarding the regulations that have been passed due to Covid-19 for the smoothest possible operation of businesses and the economy, the protection measures against virus as well as some general information.

The role of SETE is not to interpret the legislation and remains advisory, nevertheless we gather from all available sources the relevant information, process it and submit our opinions to the questions we receive from businesses and the public.

We will regularly update* the content with anything new to make it easier for entrepreneurs, workers and individuals.

*last update 18.04.2022, at 11.00

To view the Covid-19 regulations for 2022, click here.

To view the Covid-19 regulations for 2021, click here.

To view the Covid-19 regulations for 2020, click here.

Greece opens the 2021 tourism season

Greece is thrilled to be welcoming tourists again, having removed most of the measures imposed to restrict the spread of Covid-19 and put in place the safety protocols to allow visitors to plan their holiday with greater freedom and safety.

As well as the lifting of the 7-day quarantine for visitors flying in from the EU, America, the UK and 10 other countries, you are once again able to travel freely to Greek islands and around the mainland and visit archaeological sites and museums. This follows the reopening of beaches and restaurants. Open-air cinemas and other entertainment venues are due to follow later in the month.

Welcoming tourists again has been made possible after the implementation of lockdown restrictions (such as sending an SMS message to visit shops and exercise), which have now been removed, and the intensification of the national Covid-19 vaccination program.


You can see the Greek government protocol for further details of international arrivals by air, boat and road.

Learn more: Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice for Travellers 

COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map* (powered by Timatic):

The page will be updated with latest announcements & procedures  


We welcome you back and stay safe!

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