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18 April 2022
Regulations 2022 | Useful Info

Settings 2022 | Useful Information In continuation of our effort to support all tourism businesses, see below some useful information regarding the regulations that have been passed due to Covid-19 for the smoothest possible operation of businesses and the economy, the protection measures against virus as well as some general information.

The role of SETE is not to interpret the legislation and remains advisory, nevertheless we gather from all available sources the relevant information, process it and submit our opinions to the questions we receive from businesses and the public.

We will regularly update* the content with anything new to make it easier for entrepreneurs, workers and individuals.

*last update 18.04.2022, at 11.00

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To view the Covid-19 regulations for 2020, click here.

Advice for travellers from the Discover Greece team

Greece is continuing the process of opening up to tourism again and removing the measures introduced to address the spread of Covid-19.

It is now possible to move freely within the country and retail stores, restaurants, bars and cafes have largely reopened, as well as archaeological sites and organised beaches. Open-air cinemas and museums will follow on June 1 and June 15 respectively. Some indoor venues, such as cinemas and theatres, remain closed for now.

International flights will initially land only in Athens, when services resume on June 15, and will extend to all the airports on July 1. For full details on which countries are permitted to fly to Greece, refer to the Athens International Airport.

Social distancing measures will, of course, continue to be implemented (affecting capacity in many indoor and outdoor venues) and the use of face masks will be mandatory in some places (such as public transport, banks and in taxis). 

Please be flexible and understanding when you do travel. It is possible that some local businesses and experiences won’t yet be operating, so check where possible and bear in mind that the easing of measures will continue to be monitored closely to ensure the safety of all residents and guests.

In the meantime, we’ll be doing our bit to stay positive and prepare for your future holiday. We know what holidays with your friends and loved ones mean to you. When the time comes, we’ll be here to make sure you relax, recharge and dream the way you want to.

Till then, stay safe.
The Discover Greece team

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