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New Labour Relations Regime

The ever increasing flexibility in tourist demand means that supply needs to adjust accordingly. The focus must be on extending and improving flexible forms of employment in tourism, and seasonal work in particular. The existing legislation does not meet the needs of businesses or employees, resulting in it being tacitly violated to the detriment of all, and especially to the detriment of insurance organisations and the State’s coffers. Given the intense seasonality of tourist demand, and therefore demand for jobs, it must be possible to allocate work and rest time for employees over the entire working period, rather than just over the period of a single week.

SETE is categorically opposed to any reduction in minimum salaries and wages below the levels set in the National General Collective Labour Agreement. SETE supports the need to redefine pay within a new competitive framework that is tailored to the economy Greece as a country needs. In the tourism sector in particular, where there are major deviations in sectoral / professional / local agreements compared to the National General Collective Labour Agreement, we propose re-examining sectoral agreements (and not the National General Collective Labour Agreement) and making adjustments to take into account the new circumstances. We also propose a reduction in non-wage costs, and the adoption of an electronic work card by all businesses regardless of their size. We also propose that salaries and social security contributions are paid via banks to stamp out contributions evasion.

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