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Developing archaeological sites

As part of its commitment to providing quality tourist services and to improving the experience of visitors in Greece, in early 2011 the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) proposed that archaeological sites and areas of general cultural interest could be also used as events venues. The idea is that they could be used for talks, presentations, and dinners.

Greece’s cultural heritage would continue to be respected, protected and showcased, but certain sites in each region would be chosen as events venues. They would then be made available under specific terms and conditions. This would entail adopting rules about what one could or could not do at the sites. Detailed price lists for each case would also be needed. The Ministry of Culture & Tourism would also have to set up a department to handle the relevant applications. If the terms & conditions and the specifications for the provision of sites like these were clear-cut, licences could be issued immediately. The Central Archaeological Council would not have to be contacted then for each individual application. It’s important for this kind of decisions to be made quickly, since event organisers from abroad have many alternatives open to them.

The collaboration with the Ministry of Culture & Tourism was great and things progressed but no final decisions had been taken by the end of 2011.

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