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Assistance with obtaining entry visas

  1. The target should be for 50% of the visas which are issued to be in the multiple visas category. To achieve that target, we propose that a 1-year visa should be issued to each tourist who visits Greece for a second time and a 3-year visa to each tourist who visits the country for a third time, provided that all other requisite conditions are met.
  2. The benefits for the intermediary providing the visas should be clearly stated to ensure better promotion of Greece and its tourist products. These could include:

a. 10% of revenues from visas per country being paid to the Greek State for general promotion of Greece and its tourist destinations.

b. An additional 2.5% of revenues generated by the provider from visas issued in each specific country could be paid to Marketing Greece S.A. to enable our tourist products to be marketed in a targeted manner in that specific country, subject to an obligation on Marketing Greece S.A. to contribute the same amount.

      3. The Greek tourism product could be marketed and promoted at all visa centres.

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