Benefits For Members


The services SETE provides to its Members focus on their active and creative participation in the Confederation’s activities, as well as on:
  • networking
  • cooperation
  • promotion
  • information
Benefits for SETE Regular Members: 1.Participation: SETE members engage in the development of the Confederation’s positions as they can participate in:
  • working groups which deal with special issues (taxation, the environment, spatial planning, small and medium enterprises, coaching & training / human resources, etc.)
  • regional events and closed Working Meetings of members across the country
  • SETE’s Annual Conference and, of course,
  • SETE’s Annual Ordinary General Assembly with voting rights
2.Representation: The voice of our members is heard in national and worldwide organizations, such as the UN World Tourism Organization 3.Networking: Opportunity to connect and collaborate with other businesses 4.Information/ research: Timely information regarding trends and developments in the Greek and international tourism landscape and in individual markets which influence or are associated with the sector (through such tools as exclusive research, studies, statistics, newsletters, circulars, press releases and access to the SETE library) 5.Promotion: The promotion of SETE members is also achieved through a Newsletter (sent fortnightly to all members and to an ever-growing database of 5,000 select recipients in Greece and abroad) which provides all Members with the opportunity to publish their profile, their Press Releases and their Business News 6.Coaching-Training: Special rates for INSETE training seminars (technical, sales-marketing, administration, operational management, etc.) and participation in numerous other Conferences and Workshops 7.Option to include the “SETE Member” logo on their website and printed matter and to display a Member plaque at their premises 8.Sponsorship of events of Member companies 9.The “SETE Member” designation provides evidence of recognition, quality and prestige for businesses

SETE Member registration procedure:

In order for a company to initiate the registration process, it must first fill in the online member registration form HERE.

All applications of new members are submitted to the SETE Board of Directors for approval.

After an application has been approved by the SETE Board of Directors, the Membership Officer contacts the company’s representative in order to proceed with the registration and the settlement of the annual subscription fee, so that the process can be completed.

The registration fee and the annual subscription fee are based on turnover, as per the company’s most recent balance sheet. You can see the actual amounts HERE. Subscriptions are valid for 365 days.

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