Greek Tourism – Basic Figures 2015
Contribution to GDP 18,5% [WTTC]
Contribution to Employment 23,1% of total employment [WTTC]
Total Employment 821.900 [WTTC]
International Tourism Receipts 13,6  bn. € (cruise receipts are not included) [BoG]
International Tourist Arrivals 23,6  mi. ( cruise passenger arrivals are not included)
Average per capita tourism expenditure 580 € ( cruise receipts are not included)
Market Share 2% World, 3,1% Europe
Seasonality 55% of international tourist arrivals are recorded in July – August – September
Concentration of Supply 69% of hotel beds are concentrated in 4 areas of Greece [HCH]
Hotel Capacity 9.757 hotels / 784.315 beds [HCH]
Top 5 markets  Germany (2.810.350), U.K. (2.397.169),  France (1.522.100), Italy (1.355.327) , Russia (512.789) [H.ST. & BoG]
Top 5 airports (in international tourist arrivals) Αthens (3.388.647), Heraklion (2.559.805), Rhodes (1.902.051), Thessaloniki (1.569.224), Corfu (1.092.647) [AIA & Civil Aviation Authority]


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